Exclusive SOLANIE Agent for Sudan

From professionals to professionals

The SOLANIE beauty experts are well recognised around the world. They received both theoretical and practical education with high quality standards and do their jobs very accurately at home in Hungary and at different parts of the world as well.

Their conscientious and desire for better knowledge of new products brought SOLANIE product line to life, combined with the experience of the beauticians and the professional knowledge of the development engineers.

Their creativity brings to life those missing products,  which facilitate and make every day treatments and the needs of the guests more economical.

With the power of nature

The basic components of SOLANIE products are the well- known aloe vera and ginkgo biloba which are used from ancient times. Besides the basic active ingredients you can find countless valuable natural ingredients, fruits and herbal extracts in the products to satisfy any skin types.

Thanks to the continuous development, today innovative active ingredients like gold, caviar hyaluronic acid can be found in the new products, and thanks to the special formula you can easily reach rapid and visible effects

The beauticians of the future

SOLANIE’S priority goal is to support future beauticians and help them in their professional development. SOLANIE also organizes exhibition shows and courses and provides a starter kit to help the recognition and success desired young beauticians to pass their exams successfuly to start work and a new career.

The transparency and purity of the product lines support the professionals to learn SOLANIE concept in a short period of time and to practice effectively and economically in their beauty salons.

Priority product safety

The products are made according to high quality standards of European manufacturing process with the help of native chemical engineers.The aim is to develop all kind of recipes so the components act well for the skin with a tolerable amount and maximum efficiency and to guarantee the success of beauty treatments both for use of cabin and retail products. It is very important for us to satisfy the demanding Hungarian beauticians by the special manufacturing process so they can successfully represent our country on the international market as well.


TSkin aging is based on complex genetic and biochemical processes, in which the free radicals play a key role. The Solanie Grape Hyaluron series includes a special TO Complex®, which is due to its high content of polyphenols able to neutralize harmful free radicals in skin cells in order to slow down the aging process. TO Complex® includes special oil-based ingredients and its effect is completed by hyaluronic acid, thus it deeply moisturizes tissues responsible for the appearance of healthy skin.

Argan Line

As the skin ages, the reproduction of skin cells and the quantity and quality of collagen and elastic fibres are constantly decreasing.

The Argan plant stem cells embedded in the liposome react to the production of skin cells directly: they stimulate the regeneration of the connective tissue, they enhance the skin’s softness and density (+12,7%) and reduce wrinkle depth (-26%). It opens the door to a complete skin regeneration program for the over-used, enervate or even sensitive skin.

An outstanding moisturizing cream that due to Argan plant stem cells it’s able to protect and vitalize dermal stem cells. It enhances the skin density, reduces wrinkles, smooths the skin’s surface and helps to sustain a normal cell cycle. Its Jojoba oil component guarantees a healthy pH level optimal for the skin that is also ideal for the protection of the hydrolipidic film. The illipe butter regenerates the skin, restores the skin flexibility and reduces the puffiness, a typical trait of weary skins. UV filters protect against cell damages and skin aging caused by the UV-light.

AHA Line

Regular mechanical and chemical peels of the skin surface not only ensure to maintain the permeability of the skin, but they are also extremely important factors in terms of rejuvenating the skin’s structure.

Special exfoliating treatment in order to enhance the efficiency of AHA Peel serums. The AHA Peel Developer Liquid in the set ensures the optimal pH environment dur- ing the exfoliation. The main component is lactic acid, which can accelerate the effi- cacy of any AHA Peel serum. The advantage is that during the peeling is less irritating to the skin, provides excellent skin rejuvenation, helps skin hydration and strengthens the skin’s protective function by increasing the synthesis of ceramide. The set contains Tissue Mask Tablet, which is activated by the liquid and becomes a veil mask, then can be put on the face. This peeling set can be also used as an exclusive mask for whitening treatments due to the content of lactic acid.

Aloe-Ginko Line

The main ingredients of SOLANIE products are aloe vera and ginkgo biloba. Their cosmetical purpose and their effect on the skin are significant. After careful consideration of their synergy, we put them in one jar in order to accelerate their impact. This way treatment time can be shortened, and work made easier.

Aloe vera contains proteins, enzymes, minerals, vitamins (A, B, C, E, cholin). These components speed up regeneration of cells, and help the absorption of nutrients. Aloe vera helps the skin’s self – hydratation process. It softens skin, calms it, as well as calms inflammation.

Ginkgo biloba maidenhair tree is the longest known plant on Earth. The ingredients gained from its leaves stimulate circulation of blood, of skin and muscles, and increase metabolism as well. The couperose is one of the best caretaker, strengthens vein walls, and decrease the signs of Rosacea. It contains carotene, Vitamin C, E, linol and linoleic acid, glycosides, polyphenols, enzymes, and phytosterols. It has excellent ceratoplastic effect.